Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last Word

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If I die
If I must
And there is no option
Heed my suggestion
Let it be thus.
Let me not die of frost or cold
Or go to Hades withered and old.
Who would care?
No disease please
Or famine or poverty
Who bothers about these anymore?
Let it not be
Injuries at work
No please, not for me.

If I must, let it be
An arrow to my heel
Or poison in my drink or meal
Served in a treacherous fashion
Quite the thing now are crimes of passion.
At least at the end of my game
Let me walk the walk of fame.

Stabbed by someone famous
Headline in the papers
Execution sounds interesting too
A bullet in the chest or two
Let it not be starvation
Or excessive depression
That just does not sound right on the obituary page.
If I must die
Drug overdose to go
People will at least know
Someone was there a while ago
An accident, a martyrdom, be what it may
Let it not be in an obscure way.
If I must go
Let everyone know
How would it matter if they weep or not?
I do not care to see whether they care
But at least they will know
I was there.