Monday, February 15, 2010

What was that word dude!!!???


So this is a perennial cause for worry as far as I am concerned, Why is it that you forget that word/name on the tip of your tongue every time you REALLY REALLY need it and remember it the minute you no longer have any need of it? I always get stuck with it, especially during exams! Precious minutes have I spent chewing off the top of my pen trying to remember what the name of Santiago's best friend was or what the name of that graveyard poem by Gray was! Arre baba it's so frustrating!

Why does it happen? Is it a conspiracy? Are words trying to get their revenge for the frequent misuse and bending and twisting that we subject them to!? Is it a smart cunning devious plot? Or is it just a game by Fate? To slow us down, to make us stop and think, at least once in a while? Whatever it is the fact remains that this crap is a top rate pain in the posterior. Even this post began with my wondering about what this word was that means deriving some kind of pleasure or pain from watching someone else's or something like that! I asked the kiddo but she had not a clue! And I still can't remember! Damn! Such is life, full of crap! There is still so much to crib about dear folks and I have a feeling I might not be able to keep my promise anytime soon!!!!! A vicious circle it is and there is no escape! Lol! 

p.s.- It's a miracle I managed to write this entire blog post without stumbling at even one word! It's so...umm..what was that word..which means..miraculous yet ominous or something, surprising too..ummmm...Shit! I knew it was too good to be true! Damn! Should have known!

My Bunnies part 4

 Alright it's been 15 days now and the lil ones are now all prancing about. They have even started leaping out of their boxes! Soon they are going to be all over the place.. But they are oh-so adorable! We let them out in the backyard and they had a great time fooling around! Dopey slowly is getting out of his lethargy and running around for once. They still haven't progressed to solid foods though, still need milk and we give it to them in syringes since the mother does not have enough for all 6 of them. The other rabbits watch the new babies curiously as they haven't still been acquainted. Maybe we'll do that only after the babies are quite grown up. 

Fed them sitting in the backyard yesterday. They are just too cute, now that they are more grown up they understand that they are being fed, they even hunted around under my seat mistaking me for their mother asking to be fed. Don responds to my calls and comes running when I call...I feel so happy when he does that. Dopey loves to curl up in my hand or lap and sleep. Zooks and Nupur think of my feet as obstacles to jump and have a whale of a time jumping over. 6 beautiful babies...pure bliss, wish they wouldn't have to grow up! :( Love them this way!









Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Chronicle of the Killer Cold

Ok..this was long in the making and about time too! Dedicated to all the freaks who can't understand that it is not "JUST" a cold! So presenting to you ladies and gentlemen- (((DRUM-ROLL!!! CYMBALS!!!!))) "THE CHRONICLE OF THE KILLER COLD"!!!

Yes folks, this is not "just" a cold! Do not belittle the condition of a victim of cold (quite terrible actually!) ever again! The feeling of having a nose and a throat ready for eruption 24x7 is really not a nice feeling! It's in fact quite irritating. Please note however, I am currently referring to a much more dangerous version of the cold- the one that is accompanied by nonstop throat music and a background score provided by the nose going something like- "sniff sniff (2) Achheee( X 4)". Those who have been victims of this malady would understand what I'm talking about! 

The amount of tissues that go into salvaging one's dignity and social standing is preposterous! I mean, what aukaad (self-esteem or whatever) would remain if even a drop of the deadly mucus would seep through the tissue layer and appear anywhere on the facial horizon (hehe! I made that up to sound pseudo-intellectual by the way!). Imagine the panic, the embarrassment, the oh-shit-excuse-me expression! The thin line between salvaging and losing one's dignity is horrifying! That is, ladies and gentleman, how serious a cold is! Not 'just' a cold.

Point taken? Let me proceed to the next level of argument- the heroic stature of the suffering victim of this horrible disease! What heroic stature you may wonder, and I shall not blame you, for in the history of odes and ballads and biographies, there are those unsung cold victims who have gone without even letting the world know about their bravery. That is humility my dear friends, real character. But I am not that humble, I confess, and I shall not let my deeds go waste! The world looks in awe and wonder at Socrates, the man who consumed hemlock for what he proclaimed and what he did. Of course, he was a great man and I shall take none of the praise away from him. But hullo! What about the cough and cold syrups that we are made to consume??? I mean, have you tasted that stuff? Any less than hemlock? So where are the praises, the odes? We go through hell, and that too for nothing that we have done! Hey, can I not lay my claim to my very own Wikipedia space too? (jeez!Even Harman Baweja has one! no kidding!! Sheesh!) Cough syrups companies should be sued for the crap that we go through! Seriously!

And my last argument folks would be for the sheer suffering that adds to the heroic agony of the whole chronicle! ( hey! I could compose an entire epic on this! What say Homer ol' dude?J? )  To have your taste-buds go for a hike should be enough reason for your boss to grant you a month's vacation to recuperate! Not knowing what crap you're eating is pure hell! I am not able to differentiate between chocolate and chicken with the tongue calling a hartaal (strike!). It would be bliss to be able to taste SOMETHING again soon! Bring it on! Whatever I taste first becomes my favourite food for a month!!! ( So here's an open challenge to the edible matter of the world! Let's see what you can do! :P) 

Hence, proved that it ain't "JUST" a cold. If you still are not convinced, come to mommy! I'll give you one! That should teach you not to mess with us victims of cold again! Ha! And now ladies and gentleman, I grant you permission to applaud!!!  Ta-da!

 sniff sniff (2) Achheee( X 4) ;)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bunnies part 3

Sorry for not updating since the past two days! Was really not well enough! Still having the blues but I'm so excited! My babies are gonna open their eyes tomorrow! I am soooooo happy! It's been 9 days and usually they open their eyes on the 10th day...Some of them have half opened their eyes already! Adorable really! Their fur coat has got thicker with more soft hair and they are bigger and cuter now! :) My dear little kiddo who did not like touching them has suddenly developed a liking for them, especially Bugs, whom she finds the cutest of the lot! Bugs is a the most fragile one, it easily gets scared but once you give it time gets adjusted to your presence just like the others.

It had been 2 days since we gave them milk with the syringe so I thought I should do that today, once they open their eyes it would be a lot harder. Dopey was the easiest to feed, it has already got accustomed to being fed with the syringe so it just opens its mouth readily taking it in and dozes off. Bugs was the hardest, it got terrified when I picked it up and was screaming at the top of its lungs. But once it spent a little time in my hands, it got used to me and then finally had the milk. But the cutest part was that when I put it back into their box it got really fidgety and started crawling around searching. When I picked it up again wondering if it was still hungry it just curled up in my palms and fell asleep. It's just so cute! Here are the pics! 

Bugs and Zooks after dozing off in my hands



Bugs, while I try to gently put it back into the box without waking it

Bugs and Zooks sleeping

The cutie pies as they sleep


Friday, February 5, 2010

My Bunnies part 2

Well it's been almost a week now...and the little ones are slowly growing up. The fur is slowly starting to appear as they go from pink to white. They should be opening their eyes by Wednesday. Each one is slowly acquiring their individual characteristics and at the request of my dear friend Zooks I shall be naming them as follows-

1. Zooks and Nupur- both love food! Trust me! They drink so much you can actually see it on them! Lol!
2. Dopey- keeps dozing off even while feeding, is lost most of the time.
3. Pixie- is the active one, gets hyperactive the minute it knows mom is ready to feed but is moving around all the time anyways...
4. Don- is the little Mob boss in the clan, likes to get his way and is ready to push his way through to get to it! :)
5. Bugs: well, this is just coz Zooks asked me too..Doesn't really the cutie pie of the lot..loves to curl up in your hands and go off to sleep. 

So there you have it..My 6 lil ones ready for the world!!! :) 

The pics were taken on Ze President's cellphone so I apologize for the lack of clarity and promise to put up better ones next time! :) Ciao!

To Be Or Not to be..that is the question

Alright guys, it's that time of the year again- which you may love or you may hate, but definitely cannot ignore! The Valentine Season! (Hehe! I chose the pink deliberately by the way, after all it is the colour of the season!) So well, you have that special someone in your life, each day is special for the two of you, everyday is like V-Day (touch-wood!)- so should this day be celebrated? 

It all depends actually. It's all well and fine to say every day is special for us and all that. But if each day is special then why go out of the way to ignore this one? Go ahead celebrate it like you celebrate each moment of your togetherness.. :) Let him/her feel special, go that extra little mile once in a while, do what your beloved loves- you would know best. Give her a little peck and take out time to let her know how much she means to you, give him a big bear hug and tell him how much you enjoy being his girl... They'll love it for sure! No need to do something big, just a little surprise once in a while does brighten up the day. In fact, why wait till V-Day? DO it NOW!

Well, if you don't really like the pink candyfloss nonsense that the day has become, not to worry! There are so many of us in that gang! It's amazingly upsetting how commercialized the day has become now, such that the meaning has become lost to most. The gift shops and card companies have a rocking time anyways! (Have you seen the Archies display windows!!!!) It really makes me wanna puke! But hey, that's not what the day stands for.

In the modern world, life has become a race, from waking up till the time we sleep, it is RUN, RUN,RUN! Often we forget to acknowledge the significance of those we love- husband, wive, lover, sibling, parents, friends- whoever. Often we take it for granted that they already know and it's no big deal whether you say it or not. But, IT IS! IT IS A BIG DEAL! Whether we say it or not, there is nothing to beat the feeling of being told by someone how important you are in their lives. I feel wonderful when my lil sister comes up to me out of the blue and gives me a big bear hug looking at me with her puppy looks.. Being loved is really the best feeling in the world and not everyone in the world has the good fortune to have true love around in this world of lies, deceit and duality. If you really have someone like that in your life please do take time out often to tall them how happy you are to have them with you. It never fails to bring a smile to the face...

The purpose of V-Day is perhaps to remind people to remind those whom they love how much they love them (Ok, well you get the point!) My aim was not to play Agony Aunt (no, really!). But I've often seen how people just take these things for granted and I've also known how happy these little things can make one... So this V-Day ignore that candyfloss shit, the soppy filmy liners that don't mean a thing and just go out and just do that little thing that your special someone loves! You know best! And enjoy the bliss that comes when you see that smile on his/her face... :) 

For those who are single and sulking here's a therapy: go out with your gang and just have fun! How does it matter! It's really better to be single than be committed to an idiot! Celebrate that! And if you're feeling really mean, then have a good laugh at the pink hearts bullshit around you...! :) 

Or well, you can always turn, draw in that blanket and go back to sleep! :P

(P.S.- To my Nawab, my parents, my kiddo, Zooks, Don, Dopey, Enna Rascala, How Rude, Bhaiyya ji, the Wizard of Verse, Onku's Fashion Guru, all my friends, relatives and those whom I still haven't figured out a code name for- Love you guys! I'm truly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me.. And I really want to thank you for being who you are and what you are to me...Cheers to love and life!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Writing

Today I woke up to a vision...a vision of a younger me, about 7 or 8 years old, sitting at her desk, furiously scribbling away on sheets of paper that she silently filed away. Later she took them out, read them with a stoic expression on her face and then tore them up and burnt the pieces. She was unhappy with the words, they just did not seem right the way she wanted them to be. This is not what she wanted to be remembered for. She sat on her steps that evening, morose and disappointed, her head on her scraped band-aided knees. 
She didn't know why she felt so hollow and sad. Were they not just pieces of paper? But she knew those shreds contained more than that. Each piece contained a fragment of her dream- her dream to weave magic with words. The dream that she had just shredded in anger and frustration- yes, someday it would be real.

Those eyes burnt a hole in my heart, the hope in her eyes, the sadness in her tears. The vision shook me up, I couldn't let that dream die. I would give it wings. So i got up out of bed, opened a new blank document, ran my fingers across the keyboard in a dreamy state and vowed again-my dream is to create and I shall not let it die. I bit my lower lip in concentration and took a deep breath. So this is it, now is the moment. It was time to fly.

And so with a sigh and a prayer, I let it flow and wrote...nothing. My mind was a blank. I just sat staring at the keyboard cursing and muttering, as if the words would just come flying out of nowhere into my mind and allow me to pin them onto the document that was still staring blankly at me. It was taunting me, challenging me, writing is a bitch really. How the hell could I give up like that? I couldn't let her down, that little girl was me, I couldn't let her dream sink so easily! So I typed, whatever I was feeling at that moment, whatever came to my mind- she led me on through her universe, her eyes were dancing now and I could feel slivers of ecstasy penetrating my being. Her eyes were my eyes. Her joy was now mine. I read, cursed. typed, cut, smiled, muttered, laughed and nodded to myself in approval.

And here it is- this is what I wrote. I just put down what I felt and there I had my tale. Who said one needs wings to fly? Take a flight instead. :) This shall not be torn to shreds    ( well that's also coz I literally can't since it's on the computer! :) And I shall blind myself to the DELETE and BACKSPACE keys!) However it may be, good or bad, it is mine. And here it is, for everyone to see. I can see her smiling, my little dream. She has flown at last!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stripey the Cub- Save our tigers

It's a sad thing that our national animal is on the verge of becoming non-existent in the country. It would be a day of national shame if someday we have to go to another country to see our own national animal. Join the cause, speak up. Every bit counts. Let us do our bit to save this beautiful majestic animal who's silently losing its roar. 1411 left? We should be ashamed of ourselves if we can't protect our animals. We all saw 'Avatar' and shook our heads at those idiots at the helm of the attacking military forces. But if we act indifferent to this are we any different from those whom we criticized?

Tigers are the most majestic and beautiful creatures in the forest and we cannot let this wonderful creation of Nature get destroyed like this. Please go to and join the roar. It's one of the most integral parts of our heritage at stake. Act now..



Monday, February 1, 2010

My Bunnies!

It's been sometime since our baby bunnies survived. It's been really chilly and the other rabbits weren't too nice either. But this time my Dad finally decided that enough is enough, they have to make it through somehow. So the minute he realised that Khypo (the mother rabbit) was ready to give birth, he took her out of the rabbit house and gave her a lil room of her own. 

The babies were given a bulb to get heat from so that they don't get too cold..and yes, it's the 2nd day today and they are still alive. I don't know how long they will be able to make it but I just have my fingers crossed. The newborns are ultra cute! Haven't named them yet but will soon. Here are some pics:



The mother is a lil scared right now I think, she might even resent the fact that she is kept away from the other rabbits but it was the only way out or the babies would have been crushed or frosted to death. As much as I don't like it, we have to do it. The kits are just the cutest little creatures and so adorable! :)