Monday, March 29, 2010

Angry Young Woman

So what do you do when you're filled with wrath and cannot find ways for a release? If there are mini pressure cookers building up a nest within you and well on their way to forming a massive volcano (hell, i don't think there's a biological link between volcanoes and pressure cookers, but what the heck! What on earth is a poetic/ writer's license for if not for making inane links like this and getting away with it!!!?) 

Shit, I lost track! So where was I? Oh yea, anger. Bloody bloody anger. You want to punch someone but you can't because it's just going to hurt someone you care about? Or because the person whose face you want to ram your fist into is someone you really really care about? So what do you do? How do you find an outlet?

Heck, I ain't a psychologist, I don't have the answers to everything! But well, here's what I do most of the time. I find a creative outlet, I write, I draw, or whatever. I find some way to express my anger, even if not to anyone else but myself. Anger or any ill feeling that is bottled up will just find a release in a drastic way sometime or the other, perhaps in a way that you might regret, it's best to wage that battle here and now than to be drawn into a war that is a lose-lose situation from every aspect.

So punch that pillow, scribble out those angry words. It might just help in saving a relationship. It might make a difference.

(P.S.- The Minstrel's learning to deal with anger and trying to ply out the pressure cookers from her Mount Vesuvius, one word at a time. Matter of "PRESTIGE". Hypocrisy ain't cool!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nothing like exams to kill the creativity!

I know it's been a long time!!! And my apologies! My only tryst with words has been what i have to study! Does your brain refuse to function the way you want it to? Do the professor's lectures swim in your head even in your sleep? Does each day that comes to a close send shivers down your spine? Do you read and read and still feel you have much to read still! Then you too have the "system-draining-my-system-syndrome"! It should be a punishable offense really- this ruthless murder of creativity! 

I'm sorry if I sound doped right now but there is so much Wordsworth in my system that my brain protests against all this unfair labour! I mean, where on earth did he find the time to write all that man! It's such a pain to read his poetry (no offence to the Wordsworth lovers!!!)! The Prelude is just a prelude to my misery! There is still so much to do! This sabbatical is uncalled for! I can't even think of something funny to write! Sheesh! I give up! 

P.S.- Lord deliver me from this misery but if it is Thy will to torture me thus, atleast make me a little more tolerant with the syllabus (my task at hand!)! Please!!!!Pretty please!!!!!!!      

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Bunnies part 5

Well, I just felt my bunnies haven't had their share of my blog space in a while now... So here goes! 

My lil bunnies have now grown up quite a bit and have been shifted to the Bunny daddy's area now...They get along pretty well with their elder siblings, Tiny Tim and Motu and also with the dad.

The reason why they have been sent to Daddy bunny is that there is a new lil gang in the house now..Well, that's old news now..there is actually another baby brood from today on...and so we have 16 lil ones as of now...Great na?

The only tragedy was that one of them died. Felt so sad. But well, the others are fine atleast. More updates later! And pics too!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girls are Complicated??? Think again!

Alright let's talk about boys...Again let me emphasize that this does not apply to all guys but well to a general majority!!!!!! The others just get framed because of the others! So here goes nothing! 

Guys crib and crib that girls are like this and girls are like that, well hullo!!!!!! Two can play at that game! Guys call girls complicated? Have they seen themselves? [All due credit for the previous 2 sentences goes to this Facebook page] Girls and shopping have  a divine connection you say..well what about guys and sports? I don't mean that we don't watch 'em. Hell, of course we do! (I was crying buckets when Germany lost the football World Cup years back!) 

But guys can watch anything! I saw my cousin watching this cricket match between these red and yellow jersey teams or something, I asked him what teams were playing..He had not the slightest clue! And he spent the entire day watching it!!!! I mean, I understand a die hard fan of Man.U not missing a single game or Indian cricket fans spending the whole day glued to their sets praying for the team to win! ( I have done that too. By the way, have you noticed that supporters of both sides pray their asses off to make their teams win. So whose prayers are answered? Are both declared null and void? Then what is the point? :P) But why would you sit and watch matches of teams whose goddamn names you don't even know!! And that too at the cost of spending quality time with your loved ones!!

Hell, sample this: Wifey goes up to hubby, she's worried about her job not giving her enough time for home and wants to discuss it. The conversation:
WIFE: Honey, there's something that has been bothering me.
HUSBAND: Uh-hu..could you move a lil to the left, you're covering the TV.
WIFE: (moves) That ok now? So I was saying...Baby I'm really worried.
WIFE: I don't think I'm giving enough time to you and Nicky.
WIFE: I feel really bad
WIFE: Honey, are you listening?
WIFE: Do you think I should try changing my job?
WIFE: Honey, I'm talking to you...
HUSBAND: OH NOOOOOO!!!! YOU *&%&#^%#*! That was such an easy shot! Bloody scoundrels! I could teach you a thing or two about scoring goals!
(Wife stares)
(Husband notices the stare)
HUSBAND: Sorry honey, something wrong?
(Wife stomps off in fury!)
HUSBAND: Honey... Honey..Oh c'mon...Tell me what happened atleast... Honey...
(stares after her wondering what to do)
HUSBAND: Yess!!! That's a goal..You go reds!!! Awesome!!!
(And a boot comes flying from the next room and hits him)

Now if you still don't get my point guys, you must really be dumb! That's how guys just screw it up and then say girls are complicated! Ya right!

Guys say girls assume a lot of things. Maybe that would not happen IF you yourselves would open your mouths and say what you think rather than shutting off everytime something goes wrong with you. 

GUY: (After a lousy fight with his best friend) Hey sweetheart..
GIRL: Hi baby! You know what happened today? I met this really really old friend of mine! I mean, Hehe! She's not old, I mean, I hadn't met her in a long long time! I was sooooooo happy! She hasn't changed at all! We used to hang out so much earlier! 
GUY: Oh. Ok. That's nice sweetie.
GIRL: Oh I'm sooo sooo sooo happy! Now we can hang out again! We even dug out our ancient pics! U wanna see see see!!!
GUY: Ok.
GIRL: Honey, is something wrong?
GUY: No.
GIRL: You don't sound fine to me.
GUY: I'm ok yaar. What's your problem???
GIRL: (hurt) I was just worried so I asked.
GUY: Then don't. Why do you wanna piss me off?
GIRL: I piss you off?
GUY: Yea, now you are.
GIRL: Oh then please go talk to someone who doesn't piss you off.
GUY: Fine, I will.
GIRL: Fine, bye.
GUY: Bye.
(hangs up phone)

Wouldn't things have been much easier had he just told her he's upset!?
Girls are not complicated, it's guys and girls and their differing thought processes that complicate the situation. How can we salvage it? Through mutual understanding through talking it out. (That's another river of fire for guys! talking it out!) But it works, really! We girls ain't that bad!
And next time we go shopping, u can just sit with that silly game of yours and watch it until we get back!!! :P

(P.s.- I hope this is enough atonement for my previous post!!! This is for my sisterhood clan!! Love you guys!! <3) 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Girls and Shopping?????

So why do they say girls love shopping? I AM A GIRL TOO!!! And I HATE shopping! I don't know why it is automatically assumed that since I'm a girl shopping like crazy must be my definition of fun! Get a life guys! It's not! (Lol! My husband's gonna be one lucky man!No waiting at the corners of clothes racks every week waiting for me to finish rummaging through clothes and shoes and more clothes and whatever!)

Seriously, what is the fun in hunting through hundreds of clothes, trying them on endlessly, walking in and walking out of shops, and that too on a daily/weekly basis? ( No offence to my girls but really!) I remember walking around with Bhaiya ji and the Wizard of Verse and their college friends in C.P one day coz the ladies wanted to shop! I wanted to kill myself by the end of it! Sheesh! What a pain!

I toh go twice in a year, once for summers and once for winters and finish it all in one go, looking at it as a necessary evil! Of course I can't have someone else doing my shopping for me! And well 3-4 times in a year just when I really need to buy something. Then well a few time when something catches my fancy, and umm... about 248 times when I have to tag along with one of the pals who wants to shop (hehe!)...or the Nawab! 

ohkie..I guess that completes the count..I guess I do go shopping throughout the year! Sheesh! Jeez...I give up! Girls and shopping...a lifelong bond! And I guess as a girl, whether I like it or not, I too am bound by the sisterhood to this crap! Lol! (((sigh...))) 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What to do in ultimate cribber mode!

So what do you do when you're tuned to the ultimate cribber mode and can't seem to get a grip? Try the hang-with-the-gang theory. It's the ultimate in recuperation from all emotional maladies, atleast temporarily! Especially if you have a madcap group of friends like I do, they will definitely cheer you up somehow.

After my super morose temperament yesterday, I was kinda wary of hanging out with the girls today. But hey, it was as good a therapy as can be. Alright we did nothing spectacular, just sat around doing nothing, blabbered on and on, again about nothing extraordinary, cracked silly jokes that might not seem even remotely funny to someone not clued in! ( For instance, Zooks and her jazz hands in the frame and Gollywog's fear of the "jazz hands" testing her brand new nose ring! See, not that funny to you but oh my it can have us rolling on the floor with laughter!)

We tried some retail therapy too, walked around the shops too, again buying nothing much, atleast not me!Hehe! So at the end of the day, what did we do? Ummm...NOTHING really! But it worked! Atleast for a while! So do try it and tell me how it went! Just chill and relax, don't think about the emotional attyachars plaguing your paradise! Let those morons who are a pain in your posterior go dig shit in hell for a while! They deserve to! (Who the hell says I don't have a right to make people slave it out in my imagination when I'm furious at them! I gave one of my friends lifetime employment as a horse poop cleaner once, in the realm of my imagination i.e., once when I was pissed! Fun therapy again!) 

Well there's also the in-the-arms-of-the-beloved therapy! But I'm sure that is something all are aware of and there's no need to elaborate on that! 

But being in the I-Want-To-Kill-Someone-Mode, this is all the wit that I can summon for today! My apologies again! 

My love to Dopey, Zooks, Don, Enna Rascala, How Rude and Gollywog for being so crazy! Love you guys! 

P.S.- O Lord, forgive those freaking rascals who have got me into this murderous instinct mode. Give me the strength to refrain from using any violence or words that are considered inappropriate for daily use.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop Playing God

What is it about life that it keeps pelting one disaster after the next at you? The minute you feel everything is alright now, something else pops up. Forgive me for being so morose today, but today I feel I can write a rhyme or two, maybe an elegy...But I feel too morose to even do so...This shift in tone is a temporary disorder I promise and my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to the few who actually do follow my blog posts. Maintenance work is underway and the Minstrel in Hibernation shall be back in form soon!

So today I can crib. Crib all I want. And today my ire is directed at all those who think they know too much and have a right to judge others without any sense of what they are saying. People of the world take notice, learn to mind your own business please! Why this need to gossip so much? Do these people who don't know when they need to stuff a sock down their throats have any idea how easy it is to ruin lives with useless idle chatter? 

I hate people trying to tell me what is good and bad... I think I am old enough to take control of my life, thank you. Age is not the defining factor for wisdom. Please do not remain in this misconception. A few grey strands of hair do not grant people the right to pass judgements. Yes, my ire specifically is reserved for those unclejis and auntyjis who think they know better than us just because  we are young. Screw all of you! I know many young people who have taught their own elders a lesson or two in correct/ rational behavior. Go and look at your own lives before judging!Why do people  act like know-it-alls? It's strange how people whose own personal lives may be neck high sinking in pure bullshit think they have a right to tell the other to wipe the speck of dust on his shoe. Who is anyone to decide what is right for someone else's life? It's high time people stop sticking their noses into everything around them. Stop trying to play God.