Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Bunnies part 5

Well, I just felt my bunnies haven't had their share of my blog space in a while now... So here goes! 

My lil bunnies have now grown up quite a bit and have been shifted to the Bunny daddy's area now...They get along pretty well with their elder siblings, Tiny Tim and Motu and also with the dad.

The reason why they have been sent to Daddy bunny is that there is a new lil gang in the house now..Well, that's old news now..there is actually another baby brood from today on...and so we have 16 lil ones as of now...Great na?

The only tragedy was that one of them died. Felt so sad. But well, the others are fine atleast. More updates later! And pics too!


Truck Driver said...

Hey wow congrats .... .n yes i can see they have grown up.... cool haan....waiting to see the pics of newones

Minstrel Incognito said...

jee..thanks..yea sure will put em up soon! Have like 24 rabbits now!!!! :)