Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop Playing God

What is it about life that it keeps pelting one disaster after the next at you? The minute you feel everything is alright now, something else pops up. Forgive me for being so morose today, but today I feel I can write a rhyme or two, maybe an elegy...But I feel too morose to even do so...This shift in tone is a temporary disorder I promise and my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to the few who actually do follow my blog posts. Maintenance work is underway and the Minstrel in Hibernation shall be back in form soon!

So today I can crib. Crib all I want. And today my ire is directed at all those who think they know too much and have a right to judge others without any sense of what they are saying. People of the world take notice, learn to mind your own business please! Why this need to gossip so much? Do these people who don't know when they need to stuff a sock down their throats have any idea how easy it is to ruin lives with useless idle chatter? 

I hate people trying to tell me what is good and bad... I think I am old enough to take control of my life, thank you. Age is not the defining factor for wisdom. Please do not remain in this misconception. A few grey strands of hair do not grant people the right to pass judgements. Yes, my ire specifically is reserved for those unclejis and auntyjis who think they know better than us just because  we are young. Screw all of you! I know many young people who have taught their own elders a lesson or two in correct/ rational behavior. Go and look at your own lives before judging!Why do people  act like know-it-alls? It's strange how people whose own personal lives may be neck high sinking in pure bullshit think they have a right to tell the other to wipe the speck of dust on his shoe. Who is anyone to decide what is right for someone else's life? It's high time people stop sticking their noses into everything around them. Stop trying to play God.

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- The Virgin Author! said...

Well written. Loved it! I too have similar thoughts, anyway! A message for Dear God: