Friday, March 19, 2010

Nothing like exams to kill the creativity!

I know it's been a long time!!! And my apologies! My only tryst with words has been what i have to study! Does your brain refuse to function the way you want it to? Do the professor's lectures swim in your head even in your sleep? Does each day that comes to a close send shivers down your spine? Do you read and read and still feel you have much to read still! Then you too have the "system-draining-my-system-syndrome"! It should be a punishable offense really- this ruthless murder of creativity! 

I'm sorry if I sound doped right now but there is so much Wordsworth in my system that my brain protests against all this unfair labour! I mean, where on earth did he find the time to write all that man! It's such a pain to read his poetry (no offence to the Wordsworth lovers!!!)! The Prelude is just a prelude to my misery! There is still so much to do! This sabbatical is uncalled for! I can't even think of something funny to write! Sheesh! I give up! 

P.S.- Lord deliver me from this misery but if it is Thy will to torture me thus, atleast make me a little more tolerant with the syllabus (my task at hand!)! Please!!!!Pretty please!!!!!!!      

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