Monday, March 29, 2010

Angry Young Woman

So what do you do when you're filled with wrath and cannot find ways for a release? If there are mini pressure cookers building up a nest within you and well on their way to forming a massive volcano (hell, i don't think there's a biological link between volcanoes and pressure cookers, but what the heck! What on earth is a poetic/ writer's license for if not for making inane links like this and getting away with it!!!?) 

Shit, I lost track! So where was I? Oh yea, anger. Bloody bloody anger. You want to punch someone but you can't because it's just going to hurt someone you care about? Or because the person whose face you want to ram your fist into is someone you really really care about? So what do you do? How do you find an outlet?

Heck, I ain't a psychologist, I don't have the answers to everything! But well, here's what I do most of the time. I find a creative outlet, I write, I draw, or whatever. I find some way to express my anger, even if not to anyone else but myself. Anger or any ill feeling that is bottled up will just find a release in a drastic way sometime or the other, perhaps in a way that you might regret, it's best to wage that battle here and now than to be drawn into a war that is a lose-lose situation from every aspect.

So punch that pillow, scribble out those angry words. It might just help in saving a relationship. It might make a difference.

(P.S.- The Minstrel's learning to deal with anger and trying to ply out the pressure cookers from her Mount Vesuvius, one word at a time. Matter of "PRESTIGE". Hypocrisy ain't cool!)


Varun said...

calm down :)

Truck Driver said...

Ahh haa haa anger anger......good anger actually helps in relieving all tensions and making us calm and in a way its good...

you know when i am angry...i just go on a walk and when i see any one walking i just imagine myself slapping that person and that person flying in air.... its fun doing that :P

infact you know 2 days ago i was walking and was very frustrated....i saw this guy and a girl going on a bike...i imagined them falling down the bike and girl abusing the guy ....... And it actually happened....the bike fell into a ditch and tgirl slapped the guy :D

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Varun: Lol! :)

@ Truck Driver: yea i do that too...imagination is the greatest weapon given to mankind really! but hey, only on those i'm angry at! not at random strangers like you! ;P that's mean!lol! but funny!Hehehe!