Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from the Dead! ;) :P

Like it or not, here I am again!;) Yea, the hibernation is over...And god do we take some things for granted!!!!! Roti, for example! Ask for roti in Kerala and what you get is sweet bread! Ask for parantha and they give you the Kerala porotta made of maida which can gift you with endless trips to the loo if you don't limit the intake. (yea yea..that is exactly what happened to me, and don't you dare laugh!Wait till it happens to you freaks!:P)

The first thing I craved on hitting home soil again is my beloved dilli ka khaana. I'm gonna binge the month away. :) 

Lessons learnt on the trip were many. The most popular thing in Kerala? Its not coconut trees silly! It's കള്ള്, the local liquor that can be found in shops at every nook and cranny! My little sister who can't read a word of Malayalam learnt how to read the word because that's what you find wherever you look.  
Lesson no 2: Everywhere you turn is a canvas with a view.. Seriously, Kerala has stunning spots to visit and is a photographer's delight. :) It sure was mine.

Lesson no 3: If you're visiting relatives or friends in Kerala just pretend to have a stomach upset! That's the only thing that can save you from actual stomach upset caused by the copious amount of food you will be made to consume otherwise! 
Lesson no 4: Don't trust restaurant signboards in Kerala. Just because it reads "INDIAN CONTINENTAL CHINESE" it doesn't mean that they serve any of that. True story.
Lesson no 5: when there's nothing else, there's always Maggi!:)
Lesson no 6: (for girls only) Do not wear Janpath chappals/jootis if you ever wish to see them again!
Lesson No 7: Do not stand under a coconut tree! Ever!
Lesson No 8: You want to use public transport? Learn the language first or you're done for!
Lesson No 9: Do not say "I'm not hungry" on visiting someone. It's worse that an insult. Refer to Lesson 3 again.
Lesson No 10: Do not insult Argentina or Brazil when the football season is on! Trust me! Even if you think they suck!
Okie...more on this later, now I need to go binge on some aloo ka parantha...O Delhi thou art my tummy's delight!

P.S: Minstrel's itinerary for tomorrow- Golgappas, Rajma Chawal, Dhokla and Chole Bhature!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


image source:  keralabudgettour.com/kerala3.html

So here I am, far away from home, watching the raindrops falling on the windowpane. It's a beautiful morning, cool breeze blowing, but all I can think of is going home!

I miss the noisy people, the winding streets, the blazing sun, the crowded roads, the pollution, the grime, the dirt, the tan. I miss the unhealthy oily food, I miss binging like there's no tomorrow! (Kerala food is very eekily healthy!!!!Pah!) I miss the crying about my tan and my floater straps leaving their mark on my feet! I miss cribbing about the crowd on the metro! I miss wanting to stay in my room because it's too hot outside! Golgappas, cholebhature, momos, tandoori chicken, kebabs, shawarma, jalebis, samosas, dhokla, Kurkure, butter naan, cheesy gooey pizzas, KFC!!!!! I miss it all! No matter how many replicas I find here, it's never as good! :(

Most of all I miss home...Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Delhi...and that's where I wanna be!

Either I am an idiot or I'm just being the same Mad Minstrel!

P.S- booooohooooooo..... :'( and a whole lot more boohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leavin on A Jet Plane

image source: Flickr: shotam
So bags are packed, tickets ready, soon I'll be on my way... Will be back soon..Will go click clickety click there and hop hoppity hop back home..If I sound loony moony, it's not because I have morphed into Zooks overnight. Really! 

Today surprisingly the Minstrel's out of words. Why is that you want one last glimpse before you say goodbye? Why does it feel sad when you don't get that glimpse? :( 

Be back soon! Until then, buh-bye!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Going To Jail!

So I'll be in Hell for a month. A MONTH! Away from home... Home is where the heart is right? My heart is well stuck to this city (actually my heart will be traveling to Corbett for a few days but then back in Delhi it is!) To add to this gigantic woe, there is the Relative Conspiracy! One half baying for my blood and wanting me to become a nun, another half after my marriage! Hullo! Then there will be the Why-Don't-You-Do-An-M.Phil Brigade, and the Oh-Me-Gosh-Are-They-Starving-You Gang. 

Mallus are world-famous for one more thing apart form Tharoor and Sreesanth- "BEING WEIRD". Sample this- you go to a house, they pelt you with food. Well you have been to 45 houses before this already and you are stuffed so bad you'll barf even if you swallow your spit! But no, you have to down every last morsel set before you. Or it's an insult to the Family you visit. Serious. WEIRD!
 Image source: www.zonkerala.com/.../food/kerala-feast-2919.jpg

You're 18, you're the eldest among your cousins. At your aunt's marriage they start pestering you for being the next torchbearer of the family and plan out your entire wedding on the spot..All the limelight is violently snatched from the bride and thrown at you! Sense? None!WEIRD!

All parties are gender-conscious events. A woman had to be somewhere in the vicinity of the Kitchen of THE House with the other ladies, gossiping about all the women within a 100 m radius or even more! Men have to be in the courtyard or on the terrace or in the outhouse, drinking till it spills out of their nostrils!!! Children are let loose like wild banshees! WEIRD AGAIN!

So you get the point. And being thrust into the middle of this pit ain't a cakewalk! Hibernation from Sanity, from Blogging, from Home!!! :(

P.S.- _______________________________________booohoooo!!!! :(