Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from the Dead! ;) :P

Like it or not, here I am again!;) Yea, the hibernation is over...And god do we take some things for granted!!!!! Roti, for example! Ask for roti in Kerala and what you get is sweet bread! Ask for parantha and they give you the Kerala porotta made of maida which can gift you with endless trips to the loo if you don't limit the intake. (yea yea..that is exactly what happened to me, and don't you dare laugh!Wait till it happens to you freaks!:P)

The first thing I craved on hitting home soil again is my beloved dilli ka khaana. I'm gonna binge the month away. :) 

Lessons learnt on the trip were many. The most popular thing in Kerala? Its not coconut trees silly! It's കള്ള്, the local liquor that can be found in shops at every nook and cranny! My little sister who can't read a word of Malayalam learnt how to read the word because that's what you find wherever you look.  
Lesson no 2: Everywhere you turn is a canvas with a view.. Seriously, Kerala has stunning spots to visit and is a photographer's delight. :) It sure was mine.

Lesson no 3: If you're visiting relatives or friends in Kerala just pretend to have a stomach upset! That's the only thing that can save you from actual stomach upset caused by the copious amount of food you will be made to consume otherwise! 
Lesson no 4: Don't trust restaurant signboards in Kerala. Just because it reads "INDIAN CONTINENTAL CHINESE" it doesn't mean that they serve any of that. True story.
Lesson no 5: when there's nothing else, there's always Maggi!:)
Lesson no 6: (for girls only) Do not wear Janpath chappals/jootis if you ever wish to see them again!
Lesson No 7: Do not stand under a coconut tree! Ever!
Lesson No 8: You want to use public transport? Learn the language first or you're done for!
Lesson No 9: Do not say "I'm not hungry" on visiting someone. It's worse that an insult. Refer to Lesson 3 again.
Lesson No 10: Do not insult Argentina or Brazil when the football season is on! Trust me! Even if you think they suck!
Okie...more on this later, now I need to go binge on some aloo ka parantha...O Delhi thou art my tummy's delight!

P.S: Minstrel's itinerary for tomorrow- Golgappas, Rajma Chawal, Dhokla and Chole Bhature!


Varun said...

hahahha....awesome post....i have noted down all the lessons in my mind so that if i visit kerela, never experience the same. thanks a lot girl...but tell me did u actually stood under the coconut tree....lol lol...

Minstrel Incognito said...

Thanks Varun...:) And for the record, I did not stand under a coconut tree! Was too smart for that!:)Someone else did, n nearly got their head punctured, missed by a few cms! :)

Hayaah said...

he he... nicely rounded up... # 3 I thought is applicable to us -desis- in general though, IMHO ;)

As for Kerela itself... I love love loved the people with their ever ready smile, and education being apparent even in the ''supposed most tedious'' of workers with their humble jobs.

Another worth mentioning thing about it -me thinks- would be what we got told but did not believe until we got burnt... We were told never to order -chai- in any place, only as for coffee. Needless to add, the 1st order of chai was definitely our last as well during that trip!

Addy said...

Alright! Lessons learnt, I can 'relate' to some of them, well mostly the food part.
If you took some awesome photographs of some awesome scenic beauty of Kerela, post them!
Whats the local language again?
Argentina and Brazil DO NOT SUCK at all!
Your P.S. made me go crazy.....Golgappas, Rajma! Aaaaagggrrrh! I have two more weeks here *hysterical wails*

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Hayaah: thanks!!! I dont know abt the chai part coz m a coffee addict myself... what happened? the chai story would make for an interesting read.. waiting to know! :)

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Addy: Yes..will surely put them up Addy...my pics got rave reviews...and the approval of my bigde nawab himself! :):)
just editing them n making them smaller so that they are easier to upload...will put em up soon... :)

N abt the P.S...sry abt dat!!! ;) jst got excited!!!

P.S- I do not, DO NOT like Argentina and Messi... :/ the obsession drived me nuts!

Garima Bhatia said...

Ah..this is like "ten things before you land in Kerela"..liked it!
Post more of it and would love to hear something about Delhi as well :)


Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Garima: Thanks! :) yea..sure will..thinking of some essential visits to Kerala tips n tricks...n yes Delhi? for sure..there's so much to write about the city that i dnt know where to start... :( Any suggestions? :)
Will surely visit..thanks again!

Hayaah said...

Well, to put it BEYOND crudely, in the words of one of my dear Khalu (for that is the only just description - so I beg forgiveness beforehand for my language):

It tasted like *shudders* ''Ghorey ka pishaab''... Horse's pee for the non hindi/urdu readers


Not much to add in terms of a story. Just shudders, bile held in, and never even thinking twice about ordering tea for the next couple of days while down south 0= )

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Hayaah: I'm not really sure if that's true across South coz my father loves tea and he ordered it wherever we went. he seemed to enjoy the tea and sipped it with this blissful smile on his face. Now that wouldn't happen with horse pee I guess! ;) Maybe it was just a case of wrong place, wrong time for you... try the coffee next time though..its superb!!!

Sahil Khurana said...

I can so RELATE to whatever you have written in ur blog abt Kerala.....I have been there and done that!! Experienced everythin first hand.... N honestly, nthin against the people who reside there but it so happened once that me along with my family had to eat at one of the restaurants.....n man wat a sight it ws!! people eatin with their hands....with sambar dripping all over their hands..... it surely was a sight....!!! :)

otherwise, all i can say is....well drafted and definitely tips need to be kept in mind before gng to Kerala!

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Sahil: thanks a ton! yea..the eating is funny! bt then..i guess that's how they like it! :P they might find our eating habits weird! :P