Friday, July 2, 2010

Up In The Air!

 image source: WWW.FOTN.IN

3rd June 2010 is a day that shall remain embedded in my memory for a long time... The day I thought was my last. Air India to Cochin was the plan. What we didn't know was the rollercoaster ride in store for us!

The weather had been quite rough in Delhi, dust storms and stuff. The minute the flight was in the air the whole mayhem started! The flight went whoosh left and whoosh right and rocked like it was hit by an earthquake. Now let me not lie to you, I did get scared. Ok, I'm human too! I was scared out of my wits for the first one minute. I wanted to cry, scream, do something but all that came out was air. Let me also explain that that first one minute people around me were still coming to terms with the situation and realising what was going on, meanwhile I was at my wit's end being the only one with my knuckles turning white!

Then I thought, why bother! If I was going to die anyways, let's just make the best of it. So I put on some good songs, pushed back my seat and thought how it should be. If I had to go, I wanted to go down fighting, not like some sissy! After all, the Minstrel has a reputation to keep up! ;) So I plotted what should be the modus operandi should crisis occur.

I made a note of the emergency exits, planned what to do to make my fear-stricken mother move in case there is a problem and sat plotting my heroic escape from the vicious pits of Hades! ;)

I kept one hand on my phone just so that if these were indeed the last few pages of my life I wanted to talk to my Dad and my Nawab before I go, one last time. Not being with them, being the only regret that I had.

It was the one of the most exciting moments of my trip ironically! (Okay I know I must be sounding high but truth does sound crazy most of the time!) In those 30-35 minutes all I thought about was how best to spend those final moments, what I wanted to do. Not once did I sit and think about all that I didn't do. It's long after this incident that I had this happy realisation that I've lived my life in the best way possible in the given circumstances and I shall go the day I go with no regrets. That is a happy feeling I must admit.

Yes, I'm still around to tell the tale but dude that was fun! Even fear has its own way of getting you high! ;) After that first one minute I sat back smiling, plotting and watching with amusement as others around screamed out for Allah, Ram, Jesus Christ, Mumma!Well, you know how it is! I knew for one that that was not the way I was going to go, screaming and crying for my life. There's one life, let's all just live it to the fullest, savour each moment. Time never does an about turn so cheers while it lasts!

And here's to the Air India pilot who steered us out of that mess! I don't remember your name but thanks for everything!

P.S.- I utilised (or wasted, as you like it!) my time on the flight watching Ajab prem Ki Gazab Kahani twice! Don't ask! That was the only crap that they had playing on the flight apart from something called Dance Premier League (Huh!?). Mind-boggling bullshit that was! I had a headache by the end of it! But well, all's well that ends well so, well, I guess that's well enough!

P.P.S.- I know this aint typical Minstrel stuff but hell, I can afford to go philosophical and profound once in a while! How can I hide my mighty intelligence too long! ;) :P


magiceye said...

wonderfully narrated! love your writing style! intense!

Minstrel Incognito said...

Thanks Magiceye! :) Appreciate your feedback! :)

Varun said...

I must say, you are a brave girl....Thank God you and everybody on flight are safe...

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Varun: Thanks a ton! Yes..I'm glad to be back hale n hearty! ;) thanks again!

Addy said...

Was that really the case? Or just a lil bumps on a hot summer day, like the usual. It happens all the time to small size aircrafts. Besides its more fun like a roller coaster (like you said) that to be scared outta your skins! Gawd, that did get you your NDE! Cool! Did you see a "white revolving tunnel" too?

Minstrel Incognito said...

ok now ur suspecting the depth of my almost-tragedy? :P It was an actual scary n in- danger situation..we got caught in the dust storm/ cyclone...

No white revolving tunnel! :P just the stuff I whole life flashing before my eyes crap! :P