Thursday, July 15, 2010

Appointment With a Nightmare!

Haircuts are so scary! I mean, it's the easiest way to torture someone like me. By me, I'm referring to those who need to be whacked before they shift their derriere and head to the salon, growl when asked to apply make-up and do not go for a haircut until split ends stare in their faces!

 image source: Good Housekeeping

Okay, I do use makeup I admit (without my kajal and eyeliner I start resembling the Loch Ness monster, no offence Nessie and Marshall!) But I'm not too fond of this stuff. Now going for a haircut is an ordeal really! It's a whole series of tortures going bang-bang-bang right at your temples!

Step 1: Breaking Point
It comes when you look into the mirror and cringe at the vision, filled with new admiration for your bf (since he still loves you despite your looking like that hideous thing staring back at you in the mirror!) That's when it hits! It's time to sacrifice the locks again!

STEP 2: Testing Time
It's when I try and decide what haircut to go for...Googling all the latest dope on haircuts but who am I kidding! That stuff might look good on me had I been Heidi Klum with 10 full-time personal stylists but heck, back to reality! I'm not! No, Garnier ads don't say the truth. And no, your hair won't look like that just because you use Dove! 

STEP 3: Decisions!
Realising all the mighty flaws in my hair, looking longingly at all those gorgeous hairstyles, I settle for the more normal cut! Since, well unlike them, I rarely even comb my hair more than once or twice a day, forget about styling them! :P

STEP 4: Temptation
So I'm all set to go to the salon in the evening, ready to go wash my hair and as I pass the mirror, HALT!!!Wow my hair looks gorgeous! The very day I decide to cut my hair it decides to look its very best! Now if I actually manage to fight the urge to change my mind, I end up at the salon!

PITA, folks, is just plain 'PAIN IN THE ASS' time! When I haplessly try to explain to the stylist exactly what I want. Suggestion- get a picture of the cut you want, makes it easier!

Seeing those luscious locks fall to the ground is sheer torture! My mom was almost in tears when I got my first rebel haircut (i.e. one according to my own wishes! :P) My almost waist-length hair went snip-snip and reached my shoulders that day! Mom's fiery stares almost melted the stylist into a puddle of goo! ;)

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STEP 7: Fear!
What if I end up looking like a clown? What if the cut doesn't suit me? These fears race through my mind as the stylist gets ready with the hairdryer for the final blow! (literally! :P)

If you manage to survive all this- there's that ultimate ecstasy of looking into the mirror and going- "Muah! Gorgeous!"

Now that's a high!

P.S.- Just got a haircut! Hence the ranting! :P
P.P.S- Muah! Gorgeous! ;) 


Anonymous said...

One might assume that the rants are limited to the females, but males do that more often than you might assume.

Minstrel Incognito said...

Hehe! True...Guys tend to do that much much more often!!!!

hemal said...

I go with saying that yes, when you sit in front of that huge mirror, when your hair are going to face the scissors, exactly then, you feel your hair looks gorgeous! and the thought evokes you, makes you think why the hell am I getting this done.. truly PITA time..

Minstrel Incognito said...

exactly! the rest of the time my hair insists on resembling a wild bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dunno why! :(

Rajendra Raikwar said...

great efforts

Minstrel Incognito said...