Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girls are Complicated??? Think again!

Alright let's talk about boys...Again let me emphasize that this does not apply to all guys but well to a general majority!!!!!! The others just get framed because of the others! So here goes nothing! 

Guys crib and crib that girls are like this and girls are like that, well hullo!!!!!! Two can play at that game! Guys call girls complicated? Have they seen themselves? [All due credit for the previous 2 sentences goes to this Facebook page] Girls and shopping have  a divine connection you say..well what about guys and sports? I don't mean that we don't watch 'em. Hell, of course we do! (I was crying buckets when Germany lost the football World Cup years back!) 

But guys can watch anything! I saw my cousin watching this cricket match between these red and yellow jersey teams or something, I asked him what teams were playing..He had not the slightest clue! And he spent the entire day watching it!!!! I mean, I understand a die hard fan of Man.U not missing a single game or Indian cricket fans spending the whole day glued to their sets praying for the team to win! ( I have done that too. By the way, have you noticed that supporters of both sides pray their asses off to make their teams win. So whose prayers are answered? Are both declared null and void? Then what is the point? :P) But why would you sit and watch matches of teams whose goddamn names you don't even know!! And that too at the cost of spending quality time with your loved ones!!

Hell, sample this: Wifey goes up to hubby, she's worried about her job not giving her enough time for home and wants to discuss it. The conversation:
WIFE: Honey, there's something that has been bothering me.
HUSBAND: Uh-hu..could you move a lil to the left, you're covering the TV.
WIFE: (moves) That ok now? So I was saying...Baby I'm really worried.
WIFE: I don't think I'm giving enough time to you and Nicky.
WIFE: I feel really bad
WIFE: Honey, are you listening?
WIFE: Do you think I should try changing my job?
WIFE: Honey, I'm talking to you...
HUSBAND: OH NOOOOOO!!!! YOU *&%&#^%#*! That was such an easy shot! Bloody scoundrels! I could teach you a thing or two about scoring goals!
(Wife stares)
(Husband notices the stare)
HUSBAND: Sorry honey, something wrong?
(Wife stomps off in fury!)
HUSBAND: Honey... Honey..Oh c'mon...Tell me what happened atleast... Honey...
(stares after her wondering what to do)
HUSBAND: Yess!!! That's a goal..You go reds!!! Awesome!!!
(And a boot comes flying from the next room and hits him)

Now if you still don't get my point guys, you must really be dumb! That's how guys just screw it up and then say girls are complicated! Ya right!

Guys say girls assume a lot of things. Maybe that would not happen IF you yourselves would open your mouths and say what you think rather than shutting off everytime something goes wrong with you. 

GUY: (After a lousy fight with his best friend) Hey sweetheart..
GIRL: Hi baby! You know what happened today? I met this really really old friend of mine! I mean, Hehe! She's not old, I mean, I hadn't met her in a long long time! I was sooooooo happy! She hasn't changed at all! We used to hang out so much earlier! 
GUY: Oh. Ok. That's nice sweetie.
GIRL: Oh I'm sooo sooo sooo happy! Now we can hang out again! We even dug out our ancient pics! U wanna see see see!!!
GUY: Ok.
GIRL: Honey, is something wrong?
GUY: No.
GIRL: You don't sound fine to me.
GUY: I'm ok yaar. What's your problem???
GIRL: (hurt) I was just worried so I asked.
GUY: Then don't. Why do you wanna piss me off?
GIRL: I piss you off?
GUY: Yea, now you are.
GIRL: Oh then please go talk to someone who doesn't piss you off.
GUY: Fine, I will.
GIRL: Fine, bye.
GUY: Bye.
(hangs up phone)

Wouldn't things have been much easier had he just told her he's upset!?
Girls are not complicated, it's guys and girls and their differing thought processes that complicate the situation. How can we salvage it? Through mutual understanding through talking it out. (That's another river of fire for guys! talking it out!) But it works, really! We girls ain't that bad!
And next time we go shopping, u can just sit with that silly game of yours and watch it until we get back!!! :P

(P.s.- I hope this is enough atonement for my previous post!!! This is for my sisterhood clan!! Love you guys!! <3) 


Varun said...

Why do you have problems with guys watching cricket, when we don't have problem with girls shopping unless they are not spending the guys' money.

Truck Driver said...

HAhahah.........awesome topic and actually i do agree with you....for you girls we guys r complicated n for us u r.....we are different thts why we are girls and boys not just same class.... D

And ya OMG i too love Germany....n cried :( mamji broke two chairs for those two goals in 2002 finals and yes i hate MAN UTD unlike u .... hate u for tht....but love u for being football fan.... N ya one thing is there i watch like 10 different sports and i do know who all are playing... :D .....

Anyways now i have developed a habit of visiting your blog everyday, hope u keep posting like this :D....

Minstrel Incognito said...

@Varun: I have no probs with guys watching cricket!!!Or even kabaddi for that matter!!! I think you should read my post again coz i think u missed the point completely! My post was not about whether guys shud watch cricket or whether girls should shop or whatever! Those were just general examples. The point is guys are as complicated as they think girls are so guys and girls stand even. N I tend to write a little tongue-in-cheek so kindly do not take my posts literally.

@Truck Driver: Thanks a ton!Btw, I think this is a topic that I can go on and on about. There's so much to talk about! Also, I don't like Man.U! Twas just an example! Lol! I am a die hard fan of Chelsea! N yea...guys and girls are complicated for each other. I guess thats why they say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!!! Lol!

Addy said...

sports is like.......fuel man! think about the planet without any spot :O no no plzz don't! That sends shivers down my spine, just the thought of it!
See, the first conversation. Well the husband was an idiot! He missed the golden rule of "Uh-hu". Not to use "Uh-hu" more than 3 times consecutively. It should change to "OHKay!" "Yess" and "Hmmm". He was an idiot!
And in the second one, you girls got into trouble yourself! Atlest the guy let the girl know that he was upset and she was pissing him off! In the same scenario just vice versa in gender: the girl would have been crying and the guy (who just called) shocked and concerned! would ask her number of times whats wrong and the conversion would go on. But, mind you she'd never tell him whats wrong! Its upto the guy to GUESS!! And if he guesses wrong, his life is officially over! He will be blamed for being non-emotional, uncaring, and what not..........
My favorite topic too! You can see that I guess by the number of posts on Girl-Boy relationships (almost all!)
Your posts are great, never before would I dig into a blogs archive to read the posts....I just don't seem to be finished with yours! Enjoying my stay here :)

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Addy: hahahaha!!!Well, obviously the guy in the 1st one was an idiot obviously or he would have seen it coming! But it happens!!! Even ohkay won't save the day! You need to just sit up and listen! (see it's that easy!) 2nd convo the guy DID NOT LET HER KNOW! It was when he screamed his lungs out at her out of the blue that effed it up! :P Typical of boys to try and defend their stand!Hehe!
And well, rich of guys to say we girls don't tell them what's wrong! :P Atleast we do after a little prodding! Guys toh never ever do until the whole matter is over, closed and sealed! After that what exactly is the point! :P

Thanks a ton for the compliments! It's these comments that would keep me writing more, forcing me to shed any procrastination I hav! Thanks!!! :) I have enjoyed my stay at your blog too, awesome stuff you have there. N yes I did notice that relationships tend to be your favourite topic! Maybe we can have mock face-offs sometime!Lol!

Addy said...

FACE-OFF on this??...............any day!! :D
But MOCK is gonna be the key for sure, otherwise it gets ugly and I don't like being slapped and hit by flying projectiles (like huge bags and shoes) they hurt as well as shatter your rep...... :(

Minstrel Incognito said...

Hehe! Same here! i dont wana embarass myself by being hit by stinky socks that haven't been washed for ages and dirty clothes that haven't seen the washing machine ever and god knows what all crap that guys generally tend to possess! :P :P MOCK shall be the rule! Cool! This is gonna be fun! <>> :) :)