Monday, February 15, 2010

What was that word dude!!!???


So this is a perennial cause for worry as far as I am concerned, Why is it that you forget that word/name on the tip of your tongue every time you REALLY REALLY need it and remember it the minute you no longer have any need of it? I always get stuck with it, especially during exams! Precious minutes have I spent chewing off the top of my pen trying to remember what the name of Santiago's best friend was or what the name of that graveyard poem by Gray was! Arre baba it's so frustrating!

Why does it happen? Is it a conspiracy? Are words trying to get their revenge for the frequent misuse and bending and twisting that we subject them to!? Is it a smart cunning devious plot? Or is it just a game by Fate? To slow us down, to make us stop and think, at least once in a while? Whatever it is the fact remains that this crap is a top rate pain in the posterior. Even this post began with my wondering about what this word was that means deriving some kind of pleasure or pain from watching someone else's or something like that! I asked the kiddo but she had not a clue! And I still can't remember! Damn! Such is life, full of crap! There is still so much to crib about dear folks and I have a feeling I might not be able to keep my promise anytime soon!!!!! A vicious circle it is and there is no escape! Lol! 

p.s.- It's a miracle I managed to write this entire blog post without stumbling at even one word! It's so...umm..what was that word..which means..miraculous yet ominous or something, surprising too..ummmm...Shit! I knew it was too good to be true! Damn! Should have known!


Nupur said...

I think the word u wer looking for was 'vicarious':P..really interestig post-totally random but something mooost ppl would identify with. And dude, i derive vicarious satisfaction wen i read ur posts..just NOT able to write any of my own :(.

Minstrel Incognito said...

Yea..thanks Nups!!! The word was vicarious!Lol! Thanks a ton! N get those fingers going n go ahead wid d digressions! Soon! Looking forward to it! :)