Friday, February 5, 2010

My Bunnies part 2

Well it's been almost a week now...and the little ones are slowly growing up. The fur is slowly starting to appear as they go from pink to white. They should be opening their eyes by Wednesday. Each one is slowly acquiring their individual characteristics and at the request of my dear friend Zooks I shall be naming them as follows-

1. Zooks and Nupur- both love food! Trust me! They drink so much you can actually see it on them! Lol!
2. Dopey- keeps dozing off even while feeding, is lost most of the time.
3. Pixie- is the active one, gets hyperactive the minute it knows mom is ready to feed but is moving around all the time anyways...
4. Don- is the little Mob boss in the clan, likes to get his way and is ready to push his way through to get to it! :)
5. Bugs: well, this is just coz Zooks asked me too..Doesn't really the cutie pie of the lot..loves to curl up in your hands and go off to sleep. 

So there you have it..My 6 lil ones ready for the world!!! :) 

The pics were taken on Ze President's cellphone so I apologize for the lack of clarity and promise to put up better ones next time! :) Ciao!


lilpoetish said...

Wow Minstrel Incognito! I thought I know you..but I only know you better now! Great: the attempt to get back to writing. Even better: the successful result!

Minstrel Incognito said...

Thanks a ton Lil Poetish! :) The world of words beckoned and I just followed the signs! Hoping that this time it develops into something good.. :)