Friday, February 5, 2010

To Be Or Not to be..that is the question

Alright guys, it's that time of the year again- which you may love or you may hate, but definitely cannot ignore! The Valentine Season! (Hehe! I chose the pink deliberately by the way, after all it is the colour of the season!) So well, you have that special someone in your life, each day is special for the two of you, everyday is like V-Day (touch-wood!)- so should this day be celebrated? 

It all depends actually. It's all well and fine to say every day is special for us and all that. But if each day is special then why go out of the way to ignore this one? Go ahead celebrate it like you celebrate each moment of your togetherness.. :) Let him/her feel special, go that extra little mile once in a while, do what your beloved loves- you would know best. Give her a little peck and take out time to let her know how much she means to you, give him a big bear hug and tell him how much you enjoy being his girl... They'll love it for sure! No need to do something big, just a little surprise once in a while does brighten up the day. In fact, why wait till V-Day? DO it NOW!

Well, if you don't really like the pink candyfloss nonsense that the day has become, not to worry! There are so many of us in that gang! It's amazingly upsetting how commercialized the day has become now, such that the meaning has become lost to most. The gift shops and card companies have a rocking time anyways! (Have you seen the Archies display windows!!!!) It really makes me wanna puke! But hey, that's not what the day stands for.

In the modern world, life has become a race, from waking up till the time we sleep, it is RUN, RUN,RUN! Often we forget to acknowledge the significance of those we love- husband, wive, lover, sibling, parents, friends- whoever. Often we take it for granted that they already know and it's no big deal whether you say it or not. But, IT IS! IT IS A BIG DEAL! Whether we say it or not, there is nothing to beat the feeling of being told by someone how important you are in their lives. I feel wonderful when my lil sister comes up to me out of the blue and gives me a big bear hug looking at me with her puppy looks.. Being loved is really the best feeling in the world and not everyone in the world has the good fortune to have true love around in this world of lies, deceit and duality. If you really have someone like that in your life please do take time out often to tall them how happy you are to have them with you. It never fails to bring a smile to the face...

The purpose of V-Day is perhaps to remind people to remind those whom they love how much they love them (Ok, well you get the point!) My aim was not to play Agony Aunt (no, really!). But I've often seen how people just take these things for granted and I've also known how happy these little things can make one... So this V-Day ignore that candyfloss shit, the soppy filmy liners that don't mean a thing and just go out and just do that little thing that your special someone loves! You know best! And enjoy the bliss that comes when you see that smile on his/her face... :) 

For those who are single and sulking here's a therapy: go out with your gang and just have fun! How does it matter! It's really better to be single than be committed to an idiot! Celebrate that! And if you're feeling really mean, then have a good laugh at the pink hearts bullshit around you...! :) 

Or well, you can always turn, draw in that blanket and go back to sleep! :P

(P.S.- To my Nawab, my parents, my kiddo, Zooks, Don, Dopey, Enna Rascala, How Rude, Bhaiyya ji, the Wizard of Verse, Onku's Fashion Guru, all my friends, relatives and those whom I still haven't figured out a code name for- Love you guys! I'm truly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me.. And I really want to thank you for being who you are and what you are to me...Cheers to love and life!)

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Hehe..Love ur fundas Aldy!