Monday, February 15, 2010

My Bunnies part 4

 Alright it's been 15 days now and the lil ones are now all prancing about. They have even started leaping out of their boxes! Soon they are going to be all over the place.. But they are oh-so adorable! We let them out in the backyard and they had a great time fooling around! Dopey slowly is getting out of his lethargy and running around for once. They still haven't progressed to solid foods though, still need milk and we give it to them in syringes since the mother does not have enough for all 6 of them. The other rabbits watch the new babies curiously as they haven't still been acquainted. Maybe we'll do that only after the babies are quite grown up. 

Fed them sitting in the backyard yesterday. They are just too cute, now that they are more grown up they understand that they are being fed, they even hunted around under my seat mistaking me for their mother asking to be fed. Don responds to my calls and comes running when I call...I feel so happy when he does that. Dopey loves to curl up in my hand or lap and sleep. Zooks and Nupur think of my feet as obstacles to jump and have a whale of a time jumping over. 6 beautiful babies...pure bliss, wish they wouldn't have to grow up! :( Love them this way!









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