Sunday, January 31, 2010

So what's with all the noise???

I went to East Delhi the other I have a lot of things to crib about. Firstly, HOW ON EARTH DO PEOPLE LIVE THERE!!!! N the noise was just so unbearable..Actually there is this Book Publishing course started by IGNOU and two of my friends and I joined it, I did coz I want to take up publishing as a career! Zooks coz she has it as an option. And Don...well...Don?I seriously have no clue about why exactly she took it up!!!Hehe! And I don't think she does either..The plan was that by the time our Masters get over, we would be ready for a career. Atleast that was the plan..until we saw that the IGNOU folks have something else on their minds...More about that later though!

So well we set off from Miranda House, not knowing that we were going to live the most unproductive day of our lives! After going all the way to North Campus for nothing really (tutorials cancelled!), we set off mumbling n grumbling towards Rajiv Chowk. The High Command was supposed to send a car but that didn't happen so we decided to just carry on via the metro. N that was Mistake no. 1. The Dopey Spanish Chick (lucky bitch!) went off skipping to have lunch with Enna Rascala and How Rude! Meanwhile, Zooks, Don and I stood staring at the crowd on the platform wondering how on earth all these people would fit into that one metro! 

We needn't have bothered!The crowd just pushed us in, and suffocated and sandwiched, we somehow reached Yamuna Bank, where Zooks had said we would apparently get a Metro Feeder bus! Mistake No.2.
The Metro feeder crap had been transferred to Nirman Vihar and we three stood blinking in disbelief at this God-forsaken place in the middle of nowhere! Autos ready to loot, leching freaks ready to hoot, we wondered what to do. Trudging back to the station we took the next one and 2 stations of suffocation later, we reached the damn place! Mistake No. 3. Coz there was no Feeder Bus!

Finally taking a cycle rickshaw (3 seater btw!with Zooks getting the boot!) we headed towards this place that no one knew "Maharishi Valmiki College of Education". Believe me, NO ONE knew where the HELL it was!!! and according to Don, unki self confidence toh dekho! Bina address ke naam de if its some hot spot jo khud mil jayega! Anyways, so endless rounds of Geeta Colony and god knows how many other colonies followed! Hey, if I wanted a tour of East Delhi I would have asked for it na!!! 

And so we come to the point of focus (which is actually quite lost now, come to think of it!) The NOISE! People were honking away as if their lives depended on it! As if the minute they would stop it they would fall to the ground and die!

HONK!HONK!PE PEIN! I wanted to slap all of them! I got a headache with all of it! How the heck would it help if you honk at a red light, pray, plz enlighten me someone! The gaalis that come out like songs are the other grand feature peculiar to Dilli!Lol! The maas n behens all come in to the picture suddenly, the poor souls! :p

I wish people would consider the plight of the hapless people who daily go deaf in installments thanks to the pepepein and cut it down! PLZ!!! N what about the people who live there? What do they do to get a little peace of mind? Earplugs maybe? I have no clue! I do wish I had one that  day though! 

So what happened? After all the gallis and nukkads being scouted for this god-knows-where-place near the Shamshaan Ghat across the Shiv Mandir ahead of the Sabji Mandi after going laal batti ke aage and a left and a right and a U turn and a billion more, we finally (YES, FINALLY!!!) reached it. And hullo, Mistake No.4 Wahan pe jaake koi fayda nai tha! The place we had to go to was to Raj Ghat.! I was ready to tear my hair out by now!

Auto nai mila, I suggested the phatphatiya shit called Phatphat Sewa. Seeing the people inside Zooks refused to enter it and swore to disown us both if we even thought of it. So we hiked some more..and finally found an auto and reached the damn place! Mistake No. 5. The bullshit day that it was, we stood in this stupid line for nothing, the person sitting at the info counter was a MORON! The Minstrel finally was about to get violent finally! I wanted to just ram my fist into his freakin nose! Right in the vicinity of Gandhiji! I swear, the statue of Gandhiji that is outside that building also looks maha pareshan and vexed like we were! I shall definitely click a pic next time to show. 

And there too another piece of crap! The IGNOU people hadn't even sent the first batch of material even though it has been 6 months since this thing started. So another fruitless trip. Hapless we cancelled our plans to go to CP for lunch as our limbs were on strike against the torture we had just inflicted on them. Long walk to the main road, Don and Zooks sitting on the footpath waiting for the auto, clicking pics to remember this Ace Bullshit Moment, Finally an auto to I.P, then sandwiched in the metro again and back home.

A few crocins and a lot of Vicks later, and a long nap, I woke up ready to face the world, cussing everthing around me and here I vent it out. You know what the Baap of All Mistakes was? Going through all this crap in the first place! Sheesh! Bugger! Why??? 

So here I once more break my vow not to crib! ( Sorry sweetheart!Hehe!) I'll keep trying.. But there's so much to crib about! Gawd awful mess that we get daily! And whoa..more and more of it to come..!Hence not my fault! :P :)

(P.S.- I'm sure had I been saying all this aloud you would have been hunting out your earplugs by now!Lol! So much for the noise pollution bit! :) )

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