Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Tribute To Colonel Sanders!

With special thanks to Zooks for lending her right hand to this noble cause (becoming the first vegetarian to be in an "I Love KFC" pic perhaps!)!
Here's to a whole lot more of centuries of finger lickin' goodness!

(P.S.- Yes, you're right! I had nothing better to do! :P )


Addy said...

What are you doing with a notebook and a pen in KFC? *confused*
Aren't you supposed to be enjoying nothing but chicken there? *angry*
How could you do such ignorant act to our beloved KFC? *on the verge of crying*
That too while Dear Sir Colonel Sanders's watching? *burst into tears*

Minstrel Incognito said...

Haha! Firstly, this was post my hogging on the chicken! I never ever can do anything so sacrilegious! With a full tummy I was waiting for some digestion to happen so I could feast on some Choc amour!

Secondly, that ain't my hand! Read the post! Its my friend Zooks' who's a vegetarian btw! So she cannot be convicted of the charges stated above!!!! :P

Mr Drama Queen! ;P