Monday, October 25, 2010

The Exam Checklist (Minstrel Style!)

image source: exams are slowly approaching and finally you have the jitters wondering what to do..or soon will! No fear! The Minstrel is here to help you with the top 10 things to keep in mind before going in to write that exam! Nah, nah don't thank me, it's my pleasure! ;) Yes, you can courier me those chocolates! no worries!

1. Two cups of espresso in the morning is essential. You don't want to doze off on your paper and drool all over the answer sheet! Seriously! That would smudge the ink and make the answers impossible to read! Wait...come to think of it, ain't such a bad idea eh? ;)
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2. Check the pens, pencils and blah blah blah. You don't want to crawl on your knees and beg those around you to pass you that stuff!
3. ADMIT CARD! Dude, without that you're freakin' screwed! Even if you forget to take your pen, don't forget this! Freakin' hell would break loose! How else would you remember the 52 digit exam roll no assigned to you???? :P:P:P
4. If you have a window seat or one near the door, carry horse blinders! Even if you look ridiculous, at least you won't be distracted! Coz the best and most hilarious things cross your vision exactly when you have no time to see them!
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5. If you did not sleep well last night, instruct the person sitting behind you to give you a nice kick in your bum or throw an eraser at you (whatever works!) in case you fall asleep over the paper!
6. Carry your watch no matter what! Don't have a watch, take an alarm clock! At least you'll know when to begin scribbling frantically madly! That is when your memory is at its peak and you remember all that you didn't before that. At least you'll be prepared! ( usually 5 minutes before time's up!)
7. Carry water with you. When you don't remember the answers or get confused take a swig. No, it won't help you remember, but at least it'll keep you looking busy unlike that idiot staring at the ceiling looking like he is trying real hard to hold in his pee! :P
8. That hot classmate will not vanish into thin air after the exam is over! Stop staring! Horse blinders will help you here as well! :P
9. Do not listen to crappy songs on the radio in the morning before the exam if you don't want to haunted by Munni badnaam hui as you try to remember what Ophelia's brother's damn name was! :P
10. Last but no the least, STUDY! It really works! ;)
All the best! :D :)

P.S: To those who forget the rule no.10 like me, creativity always works! Make up what you don't know! :P:P:P:P 


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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Good one. Its been AGES since I wrote an exam, but yeah, could relate to this.

'...keep you looking busy unlike that idiot staring at the ceiling...' was hilarious :-)

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ writerszblock: Hehehe! Thanks! :):):) It's something we all go through so well.. And all 1 to 10 situations, except for no.8 have happened to me at some point, either in college or in school! :P (No no.8 coz I was in a convent!) So imparting my wisdom to others who'll perhaps face the same! :P:P:P

Aashish Sood said...

I read through the entire list waiting for point #10... Wonder why is at #10 ;) ;)

But seriously, a good compilation. Couple of things to add;
1) A lot of different coloured pens because whether you write sense or not; it should look good
2) Even if you take a 15 minutes nap in a humanities paper; it is no tension... enough time to talk bull otherwise!

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Aashish: Its at #10 for obvious reasons! :P I like your point #1! LOLing thought! But #2! 15 minutes less means 15 mins less time for the creative juices to flow! Do you know what a disaster that can be??? :P

Abhinav said...

Hey nice one ..... even my exams are coming .... and hey am back ok lets talk some time

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Abhinav: Thanks! :) exams are coming too.. :( All the best for yours! :)

Addy said...

Your blog gives a view of whats coming in your life next! And you definitely hate exams!
We all do! We have to!
Sorry for being so late! was hibernating!

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Addy: Hehe! yea, still a month away but I'm already dreaming up the fear to use it productively on the blog! ;) Thanks! Yea, I hate it! Waiting for May to get done with it all once and for all! :D