Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you LOOK or do you SEE?

It's something that has struck me as curious always. Life offers us so many lessons. Do we actually take out time to learn? Life has lessons hidden in every nook and corner. So do you look or do you see?

You might think me deranged. Ain't LOOK and SEE the same thing? Then why the phrase "You see but you don't look"? 

When you watch a movie do you just watch it or do you imbibe something from it? Do you feel something when you watch or do you just watch? Whenever I watch a movie I apply those elements in my own life and learn from the experience. It's enriching. I find it funny how people condemn certain things that they see in movies or read about in books but then go ahead and do exactly that in real life. That is something that is beyond my understanding. Are there different realms of judgment in life?

Like when I see people losing someone in a movie, I vow to myself I'll never let that happen to me. Or when I see something good happening I aspire to the same in my daily life. But I guess it's just me and a few other madcaps like me who do this!

My mother was watching 'Taare Zameen Par' sometime back and was crying buckets by the time the movie finished! I thought, Chalo mere kiddo ki toh jaan bachi! No more running after 99.9%! But surprise, surprise! The next minute ma asked her to stop wasting time and go study. Poor kid! 

We hear, watch, read about villains, the ill effects of misusing the gift of the gab, the saga of lost childhood, about how silly fights ruin relationships, global warming, the need to take a stand, the evils of passiveness, blah blah blah and nod profoundly with deep understanding and empathy. But the minute we return to our daily lives we do the same things without any kick from our conscience! Surprising isn't it?

From today, let's all try to LOOK and not just SEE, LISTEN and not just HEAR, READ but with understanding. Let's open our hearts to the lessons life offers for free to us!

P.S.: The Minstrel is stocking up DVD's of 3 Idiots, Romeo and Juliet, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Tristan and Isolde, The Notebook, Saathiya, Atonement to show to Mom! Hope it works!!!!!! 


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good point and nice movie collection

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