Friday, April 16, 2010

The Little Things

Sometimes things just go wrong. I mean, picture this-you're in a picture-perfect relationship, you love each other; respect, adore, are mad about each other- the lalala types! You have fun together, he stands by you through all problems, makes you feel on top of the world. In short, you share the kind of love that others would literally die for... Everything's going great guns until one day you realize he's not serious about what he wants to do in life. Now this won't be an issue for many people but let's also suppose you are an ambitious girl, a go-getter, for whom this would be ka-boom! This could also be something else, anything at all; basically a certain contrast in personality that is a little hard to digest.

So what next? What do you do? You pester him endlessly, try to get something of you into his head; it doesn't work. You sulk, cry, fight, then make up. But things don't change. What do you do at this point? Stick by him or is it the end?
What about the days he stood by you when the world was against you? What about those little ways in which he made you smile? What about the tiny surprises he popped that made your day? What about the many things he did to fit your bill? What about the love that made you his? What about the promise, the happily-ever-after? Does all this go poof?

The challenge lies in recognizing the things that are of real value in the face of trouble. In relationships, as in other situations, it is the little things that matter the most. It is the founding blocks that are the key to make a structure withstand rupture. Does one negative cancel out all the positives at once? The key is to recognize what matters the most, not to let little pebbles become huge boulders in our paths. That is the foundation of a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.. :)

P.S.- Phew! That was a damn serious post! Gosh I'm losing my touch of wit! But seriously, I hope I made some sense! Opinions are welcome! :) Take care!  

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