Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Appeal..

Okay here's another shift in gear... With all due respect to all religions, sects and cults, I humbly request all citizens of Delhi, visitors and whoever gets within a 100 m radius of the Yamuna to kindly keep all their religious sentiments aside and avoid throwing stuff into the Yamuna. It's with great difficulty that it has stopped smelling like a 'ganda naala'! Let's not go back there..

Now back to Minstrel style. Dude! No offence but where is the sense in throwing stuff into the river. I respect all religious sentiments but this part makes no sense! Nothing is an excuse for polluting resources! Even if it is flower offerings, hullo, you throw it in with the newspaper, plastic cover and what not? It's crazy..

The Nawab wanted to click the Yamuna in its glory so we went from the Ashram- Noida highway thing and as we stopped at the middle of the bridge and as the Nawab took aim this couple in their 50's driving a white Maruti 800 threw flowers wrapped in newspapers and something else into the water. It was astonishing how belief can kill common sense! I glared at the Uncleji and gave him the Lily style- YOU'RE DEAD TO ME look! Auntyji got her share of it too. The guard appointed at the bridge then came to us and told us that stopping at the bridge was not allowed and clicking pics especially wasn't. The couple had left by then, but there was this other smart mahashay (Mister in translation) who dumped some other stuff into the river a few metres away from us at the exact time when the guard was talking to us. I gave him a piece of my mind. Firstly, the signboard that read "Stopping not allowed" was nowhere in sight. (It was actually placed at the end of the bridge..Smart thinking that! :P) And I told him that. He stood there doing nothing when people came and dumped stuff but he had a problem with us stopping to click pics. The sign that was closer and more in number was the board that requested people not to dump things into the river but that went unheeded.

Even if the guy was doing his job, I wouldn't have minded had he also told those people off who had been dumping in things. That would have made some sense. Now you have a problem with people clicking pictures of the Yamuna but garbage dumpers are more than welcome! That's way ahead of foolishness! That's pure BS! If that's how it goes, a clean pure Yamuna shall remain a distant dream!

Back to the humble appeal- Please do not let thy belief cloud thine common sense and lead you to commit bullshit acts. Kindly reserve thine flowers for the deities not the river and thy garbage for thy dustbin. Thy refraining from throwing things into the river would be more of a worship for the river and help in keeping her pure and sacred. My apologies for those who felt I insulted their common sense because well, one cannot insult what does not exist. To those who share my opinion, if you see someone spreading garbage in our lovely city, stop them. Every act of restraint will go a long way in bringing the beauty back to this holy river.

P.S.- You have all the right to debate with me, disagree with me, or let me know I'm off my knockers in the comments section but I reserve the right to say what I please! My blog! :P Enough said! 


Addy said...

Yes, finally yamuna is over its ganda nala stage! But, I do wonder was it the yamnuna cleaning committee or was it the Haryana Govt? for opening the flood gates to Delhi! Anyway, throwing anything in the river is not justified, religious sentiments or not! So you are telling me. clicking pics of yamnua is banned? Why?

Minstrel Incognito said...

Yes, apparently... I have no idea why.. Stopping at the bridge was not allowed but clicking pics being banned was mentioned nowhere. Stupid guard. We clicked anyway coz the fool stood on one end of the bridge while we took pics from the other end! :D The dude was too lazy to walk all the way across! I expect the pics to be up on the Nawab's blog soon.. :)
Whoever cleaned it, it's no longer a ganda naala! So cheers to that! :):) No longer will be our river be mistaken for a sewage drain! :)

Anonymous said...

the flowers along with the "other stuff" thrown into the river is not out of gratitude to any god but fear of a recently dead granny's wrath.
the other stuff is food..cooked food..proper Indian meals..part of which are offered to a holy river on the "chautha" (usually the fourth day after a death). in a ceremony where one of the "kandhi" (one of 4 who take the body to the cremation site) is put under oath to offer this food to a river and never ever look back till they reach home or the granny they burned 4 days ago will take over them... in my opinion...and i'm no expert.as much as people loved said granny..they wont risk her haunting them...regardless of any living mortal on the bridge screaming at them..you'll have better luck if you convince the priests to alter this ceremony a bit.

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Faustus: I know about the ceremony but it is no excuse for polluting a river. I don't know about priests but I think people should use their own brains for a change. This ghost business is quite senseless. why would a person haunt a loved one after death? It's a silly thought! N even then no matter what priests say no soul on the planet can make me think that is okay to pollute a river for any reason whatsoever. That is my appeal, for people to use their own brains and think.