Sunday, May 2, 2010

Half Full

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I was a true poet once upon a time. I thrived on misery and sorrow because I would have something to write about. I exaggerated my emotions and wrote long verses describing my woes. I could never see the glass as half full, for me it was always half empty, I liked it better that way. Morbid was the way to go and although it was unhealthy, it was the way it was.

image source: Randy Faris/Corbis
Then one day, in walked Mr. Bigde Nawab and turned my life upside down forever. He came from the land of never ending smiles and sunshine and looked in wonder at my land of stormy dark skies. He held the glass up to me and said, "Half-full". I blinked at him, not understanding because the glass was very much half empty. He smiled and said, "Half-full".

Life is how you see it, how we live it is all a matter of choice. It's a road with a lot of potholes and toll plazas and many obstacles, that can't be changed. What can be changed is our attitude to them. Is it an obstacle or a challenge to face? A mistake or an opportunity? This is something that we decide. Where we go might not be in our hands most of the times, but how we go is definitely always our call.

Whenever there was a problem that got me wasted, he would haul me up like a military commander and tell me how to give it back to 'em. He sees the bright side to everything. I was upset once because a lot of people were spreading crap about me and damaging my reputation. He said, "Look at it this way- you're famous! They talk about you, you're a star! No matter what they say, those who know you know who you are. The rest don't really matter, do they? Enjoy the limelight! ;)" 

We had our share of problems that we had to face together, but he never gave up. He would just grin and say, "Imagine what a great story we'll have to tell our children and grandchildren!" 

He holds me strong when I go weak, makes me smile when I'd rather weep. We both do go wrong at times, but we always find our way back, together. His smile is infectious and overrides my tears. he never lets me cry, NEVER. As in, I am not allowed to cry ;) 

He taught me to look for the joy and not the pain. He helped me walk out of my land of stormy skies and welcome the sunshine. Maybe it's that way, life is how we see it. We just have to look for the right thing. Now I look for a reason to smile. And even when there is none that comes to my mind, I just think of him. It works the best! :)

So the glass in the world of the Minstrel and the Nawab is always HALF FULL! Cheers to that!
And here's to my precious sunshine and to the years of bliss to come...:)

P.S.- No fuel for poetry so no morbid poetry! :) The Minstrel will try to compose happy rhymes for nursery children from today! No mean task ;) 


Nupur said...

Hehe I bestow upon 'BN' honorary citizenship of Lala Land. Glass hal full is 1 of the tenets of da -ism we follow there!

Minstrel Incognito said...

@ Nups: Hehe! I'm sure Bigde will be glad for the honor you bestowed!!!! :)

Hayaah said...

I shall for sure be traipsing around your halls every now and then... I was just playing around with this background for my blog earlier yesterday, and the start of this particular post, sounded SO much like me... somber are my reasons often too, to elucidate words into rhymes - or not ;)

It was quite pleasant to hear of a bigde nawaab entry in your life bearing you the glass half full analogy. Inspite of my woe-hum-ful verbosity in my blog, I do whole heartedly belong in the glassfull kingdom, or so id like to believe.

Thanx for sharing, ill shut my rambling, and hope to read more from u soon!

Best wishes :)

Hayaah said...

uhm not sure, if my really long rambly comment got posted or not O_O

yikes cos i hadnt saved it = (

Minstrel Incognito said...

Thanks.. :) yea..a sad rain was enough to drive me into reams and reams of rhymes on misery and loneliness and all that jazz! ;) it all changed with my Prince Charming.. now I am the Minstrel Incognito.... glass half full is now my theory too.. Miracles do happen I guess!!! :) will surely pay u a visit now that u stirred my curiosity! ;)